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 Incomedia Web X5 Designer 5.7.7

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WebSite X5 is a completely visual software: it does not require any
HTML programming skills and it is the ideal tool for both home users
and Web Designers who want to create and publish high quality websites
with a professional look and feel.

In comparison with previous versions, WebSite X5 presents new
interesting functions for the creation and customization of the site:
editing functions for images, 3D buttons creation, intro possibilities,
multi-language sites, HTML objects, e-mail sending forms, etc.

If you have a project in mind, a personal or company site, a digital
photo album or an interactive presentation, WebSite X5 allows you in
only 5 steps to pass from a simple idea to a complete and working
website, already published and perfectly visible on the Web.

Imazhi eshte ridimenzionuar. Kliko ne kete linje per te pare dimenzionet origjinale.

Imazhi eshte ridimenzionuar. Kliko ne kete linje per te pare dimenzionet origjinale.

Step 1 - General Settings

Optimized Code for registration on Search Engines – Insert the
requested information, also the Description and the Keywords: WebSite
X5 automatically generates the code to allow Search Engines correctly
indexing your pages.

Models – Browse the collection of more than 500 graphic models and
select the one to apply to your site, with the color you prefer. If you
imagine your site with a different look, create your graphics through
the customized model and animate it with a Flash Animation.

Style model selection


Step 2 - Map Creation

Design and create the site map – Insert the levels and pages defining
the menu and site articulation: you can set until 4 levels to organize
an unlimited number of pages. You can modify the map in every moment
and use it to move yourself among pages during the site creation phase.

Map Creation


Step 3 - Page Creation

Drag & Drop for multimedia page creation – Create every page
through simple drag and drop of available objects: texts and images
also with RollOver, Flash Animations, Video and Sound, Slide Show,
Formatted Tables, Images Galleries, HTML Code, Data Sending Forms.

Editing Functions for the images – Edit the images rotating them,
cutting the view area, correcting the regulations, setting filters and
borders without using external graphical programs. WebSite X5 optimizes
and converts automatically to JPG all imported images.

Object insertion

Create and share your photo albums – Select your best photos and create
a Slide Show setting the graphics and selecting among the 50 different
transition effects: share the memory emotion has never been so easy.

Enrich your pages of contents – Take advantage of the possibility of
adding your HTML code to set a visitors counter and to show interesting
contents to web navigators: news, weather forecast, work and estate
offers, etc. WebSite X5 suggests you some free services and it is
compatible with the AdSense program of Google.

Create form to send data – As simple as you manage the other objects,
create a form to collect the data you want and make them be sent you by


Step 4 - Advanced Settings

Create three-dimensional buttons – Customize the menus and create
three-dimensional buttons through a proper editor defining also the
mouseover effect.

Intro and multi-language sites – Set image, video or Flash Animation
you want to view as site Intro, set a soundtrack and the links for
language selection.

Reserved Area – Select the protected pages and create a reserved area to access to only with a password.

First level items style

Step 5 - Site Export

Publish through an internal FTP – Publish the created site on-line
directly from WebSite X5: you don't need any external FTP program to
transfer all necessary files on the server to make immediately visible
the site on the Web.

System Requirements

Pentium 133 Mhz


16 bit color display

Audio (optional)

Windows 98,Me,2000,XP

Internet Explorer 5.x, 6

Small Fonts


English - Italiano - Deutsch

- Espańol


rapidshare.com Web.X5.Designer.5.7.7_www.cw-network.info.rar%7C
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Incomedia Web X5 Designer 5.7.7
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